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Get Started

pep-jersey-server eases the development of Process Execution Platforms.

All the developper has to do is develop a class that extends ProcessExecutor and is annotated with @ContainerPath:

@ContainerPath("RandomNumberGeneration") // the local path of the container on the server
public class RandomNumberGenerator implements ProcessExecutor {

    public Future<Model> execute(Model input) throws PEPException {...}

    public void create(ProcessExecution processExecution) throws PEPException {...}

    public ProcessExecution find(String id) {...}



Two utility abstract classes further ease the implementation of the ProcessExecutor interface:

  • ProcessExecutorMap stores process executions in a HashMap
  • ProcessExecutorDataset stores process executions in a Dataset.

Maven project

Binaries, sources and documentation for pep-jersey-server (will be) are available for download at Maven Central. To use it in your Maven project, add the following dependency declaration to your Maven project file ( *.pom file):


The javadoc contains comprehensive documentations and examples, and the sources of this website is a simple web project to get started with pep-jersey-server.